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Join Us for Lunch to Learn the Various Ways to Save Money on Taxes.

Join Us for an informative lunch at The Capital Grille! We will discuss the importance of having a Tax Planner vs tax preparer to help you reduce your tax bill. We will cover three deductions that most tax preparers fail to use and the legal entity structure best suited for your business. Additionally, we will go over two retirement strategies that even financial advisors may not know about which are designed to further lower your taxes.

We will also explore other effective savings strategies with attendees so join us for this opportunity to save thousands in taxes! And don’t forget: all attendees receive a free tax assessment. RSVP now to reserve your spot and learn how you can save $52k+ on taxes!

May 25 | 12 pm

June 16 | 12 pm

June 23 | 12 pm

A Special Message from Your  Speaker, 
Michael Moffa.

Dear Business Owner,

Yes, we’re BACK in person for another great lunch seminar at The Capital Grille!


This event is just around the corner, and we wanted to send this as your official invitation to join us. 


We’ve come together to show YOU how to keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket.

During our lunch, here's what we'll look at:


☑ three deductions that most tax preparers miss

☑ the proper legal entity structure for your ousiness

☑ two retirement strategies even financial advisors may not know about that can save you thousands in taxes

☑ multiple other savings strategies



You might be thinking to your self "Well... my CPA seems to be doing what he/she is supposed to." Right? Well let us tell you why they might not be doing as good of a job as you may think. 


The key difference between a tax planner and a tax preparer is the approach. A tax preparer is someone who tells you how much you owe in taxes for a given year, whereas a Tax Planner is a strategist that finds all the legally available strategies to help lower your overall tax bill. Tax planners are proactive, looking ahead to find methods to reduce your taxable income. They have an understanding of current taxation laws and will devise plans to minimize any potential future liability. Additionally, they can often provide advice on retirement savings and other investments that can be beneficial when it comes time to file taxes. Ultimately, their goal is to maximize your savings when it comes time to pay taxes each year.

If you didn't know that, this event will be perfect for you. Don't miss out on tax savings for 2023! You need to start implementing NOW.

You'll Learn from Stories Like...



Josh and Amy

Case Study 1

Real Estate

Case Study 2


Case Study 3

Franchise Owner

Lunch Breakdown

We will go over the basics of core strategies that are used. Some of these will include...

  • Deductions

  • Legal Entity Structure

  • Retirement

  • Insurance

  • Loopholes

Once you have the basics down, we’ll level up to show what we offer in regards to complex strategies that we utilize with our advanced clients like…

  • Inflation Reduction Act Impact

  • ​Secure Act 2.0 Updates

  • ​Niche Specific Strategies

  • Tax Cuts & Jobs Act Updates

  • Advanced Credits & Strategies

Other topics we will touch on...

  • Specific high end tax strategies 

  • Organization Structures to deliver on core and advanced strategies

  • Three deductions that most tax preparers miss

  • The proper legal entity structure for your business

  • Retirement strategies even financial advisors may not know about that can save you thousands in taxes

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